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How to buy BabyBanana

Install and setup MetaMask

MetaMask is a crypto wallet en gateway to blockchain applications. Metask allows you to connect to various crypto exchange platforms. Be sure to connect to the Binance Smart Chain.

Buy BNB and send to MetaMask wallet

Next you have to add BNB to your wallet. You can buy BNB on a number of exchanges (Binance, Gate.io, etc) and transfer it to your Metamask wallet

Go to ApeSwap and swap for BabyBanana

Now go to ApeSwap and connect your wallet. Here you trade your BNB for BabyBanana. Remember to keep some BNB in your Metamask wallet for gas money. Depending on the demand you maybe will have to increase the slippage tollerance. Select the amount of BNB you want to exchange and select BabyBanana as token to swap to or use this address. Click here for a schortcut to Apeswap.

View your BabyBanana and HOLD IT!

Add Babybanana and Banana to your MetaMask wallet to view your BabyBanana and watch your Banana amount increase. The longer you hold it the more you will receive!

To add BabyBanana to your wallet use contract address: